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Russian Federal Space Agency and Department of Science and Technologies of South African Republic came to agreement, that 3-rd set of Radioastron equipment will be installed at their antenna site.

Contact-Technologia NPP, LLC was founded in 2007, and was initially based on previous extensive experience of its owners and employees in the field of radio electronic equipment.

As a result of many years of work in this business, our firm gained a stable pool of customers and partners, who, along with our high-skilled specialists, make it possible to implement challenging scientific and technical projects.

We can design and produce a wide range of technical means:

  • digital signal processing devices;
  • digital receivers;
  • digital demodulators;
  • digital multiplexors/demultiplexors;
  • error correction solutions;
  • data acquisition;
  • telemetry equipment;
  • frequency synthesizers;
  • radio astronomy equipment;
  • video converters for Very-Long-Baseline Interferometry (VLBI);
  • time and frequency synchronizers;
  • onboard data formatters;
  • other test and scientific equipment.

We use a fables model of production. We place orders for our devices to thoroughly selected manufacturers and suppliers with appropriate set of certificates, licenses and competences.

Contact-Technologia NPP, LLC is a private firm, owned by citizens of Russian Federation.